A long lens zeroes in on a nondescript apartment building. The exterior hardly beckons a second glance. Telescope, Eric Krasno’s first release under the moniker KRAZ, is a unique concept album that revolves around the stories of a Brooklyn brownstone and the characters living within.

On Telescope, the Soulive and Lettuce co-founder, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning songwriter-producer weaves together three separate storylines of a starstruck fading prom queen Gina, former-rocker-turned-new-dad Nick and his wife Charlotte, and the ex-con who inherited the joint Ramon. Touchstones of Krasno’s own dynamic career compose a soundtrack of nocturnal alternative, nimble instrumentation, bluesy riffing, and urban attitude. Much like the characters themselves, the music exists at a crossroads.

Despite its nature as a final swan song to the brownstone apartment he called home for most of his adult life, the DNA for Telescope gestated during Krasno’s childhood. Fascinated by concept opuses such as David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and The Who’s Tommy, he kicked around the idea of telling such a tale someday. In the end, the puzzle finds Eric Krasno at his most whole as a creative.

Eric Krasno

For nearly two decades, Eric Krasno has been an omnipresent figure in popular music. We've heard his virtuosic, innovative guitar playing with Soulive and Lettuce (both of which he co-founded), seen him onstage supporting the likes of the Rolling Stones and The Roots, watched him take home multiple GRAMMY Awards, and benefited from his deft, behind-the-scenes work as a producer and songwriter for everyone from Norah JonesTedeschi Trucks, and 50 Cent to Talib KweliAaron Neville, and Allen Stone. Krasno's rousing new solo album, 'Blood From A Stone,' reveals a previously unknown and utterly compelling side of his artistry, though, inviting us to bear witness as he both literally and metaphorically finds his voice.

Nigel Hall

Soul provider Nigel Hall is in many ways an artist who needs no introduction. An in-demand sideman, he’s built a mighty foundation of funk over the years onstage and in the studio with collaborators including the Warren Haynes Band, Jon Cleary, Soulive, Oteil Burbridge and Roosevelt Collier, Ledisi, the Soul Rebels, Lettuce and countless others. Legions of fans are already well in the know about Hall’s copious keyboard chops and powerful vocal style. But even to them, his Feel Music/Round Hill debut solo album will be a revelation – a confirmation that Hall has stepped out front and center into a creative space to call his own.

The London Souls

The London Souls’ unique reinterpretation of classic hard-hitting rock and roll formulae recalls elements of the past with an ever-present boundless energy, fit to cement their place in the future. Tash and Chris have been nothing short of a best-kept secret among New York City concertgoers since the bands formation in 2008, building a fervent and dynamic fan base leveraged by their ever sustained reputation for consistently well-rehearsed and impassioned, explosive live performances. The band’s celebrated sound and spirit draws significant influence from the driving force of British rock pioneers Cream and Led Zeppelin to billowing and bouncing funk and soul, to the layered harmonies and memorable hooks of The Beatles and The Hollies, to the contemporary psychedelia of My Morning Jacket among many more.